‘Theresa May should stay in office’: Liberals’ new leader says

By ALAN HARRISMANBy ALAN MURRAYPublished Oct 07, 2018 09:10:52A few months after the shock of Britain’s election, Theresa May is set to remain in office as UK leader.

But the future of her Conservative Party is also in doubt.

Here are the key questions and events that are unfolding right now.

What has happened since the UK voted to leave the European Union?

As the UK’s first minister, May has been trying to put a good face on Brexit and build consensus around her government’s policy agenda.

The British government has been accused of a “soft Brexit”, but May insists that she is “not softening the Brexit” but actually seeking a “hard Brexit” that is “better for the economy and the country”.

May, who is expected to remain prime minister until 2022, is now trying to persuade the country that it needs a new leader who will help her build consensus and bring together the country’s disparate parties.

May was first elected to parliament in 2020 and has held a number of senior roles, including Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary, and Secretary of State for Europe.

She was also home secretary, but left the post in 2019 after her Conservative party was defeated in the general election.

What does a hard Brexit look like?

May’s government has proposed a “Brexit-minus” option that would allow the UK to leave in a future trade deal with the EU, but would also give Britain time to negotiate a new trade deal.

The option would leave Britain in a customs union with the rest of the EU after 2019, but also offer the EU the right to strike a new free trade deal before it leaves the EU.

May has also indicated that she wants to renegotiate trade deals with China, the US and India.

Theresa’s critics have long argued that the Conservative Party should not try to appease the European Commission and EU governments because this could threaten the countrys own trade deals.

The European Commission has consistently opposed Brexit, saying that it would lead to an increased risk of job losses and job losses in Britain and could increase the risk of a trade war.

May says that she would want a hard and fast Brexit that would protect jobs in Britain, while keeping the country in the EU and the UK with the same level of regulatory and immigration controls as it has.

What is the ‘hard Brexit’ option?

May has repeatedly said that she will not try and negotiate a “special deal” for the UK, and that it is the “right decision” for her government to make.

She has also suggested that the UK should remain within the single market and customs union, which she said were the best ways to keep British jobs in the country.

May is facing an election in 2022 and the government has a clear majority in parliament.

The government is hoping to win over voters and win over a significant number of Conservative MPs, who are divided on Brexit.

If May wins, her party could be the largest since the 1960s, but if she loses, her Conservative majority will be in jeopardy.

What are the parties who support Brexit?

Conservative MP Peter Bone, a former cabinet minister and minister for Brexit, said that the “hard” Brexit would be a “good option” for May, but that she needed to convince Conservative MPs that the government should be “harder on immigration”.

Bone said that if May is able to “get the Brexit deal done in time” he would be “fearful” of her “soft” Brexit.

Bone said he believed that May would be able to secure support for the government’s Brexit-minus option, which would allow for a transitional period during which the UK would negotiate its own trade deal in Brussels and the EU would negotiate the new deal with Britain.

Bone, who has been critical of May in the past, said it was “clear that the Conservatives will be the party of Brexit for the foreseeable future”.

What are Brexit-plus and hard Brexit options?

TheresaMay’s new leader has said that “it is the right decision for her” to make a hard, “hard-Brexit” Brexit that preserves the UKs economic interests in the European market.

But she has also said that a Brexit-Plus option would allow her government a better deal on trade deals, but at a higher cost.

The Conservative Party has been split on Brexit, with many of its MPs saying they support a hard-Brexit, but not a Brexit that benefits the economy.

The Conservatives have not ruled out supporting a “no deal” Brexit in which Britain would be forced to withdraw from the EU’s single market.

May will be expected to outline her government ‘Brexit-plus’ strategy to the country during a speech on Thursday, and it is likely that the cabinet will adopt a hard approach to Brexit.

What can the Conservatives do to win the election?

Conservative MPs have been divided on the issues of Brexit, immigration and jobs, and the election has given the party a huge boost.The

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