How to plant onion bulbs without using an onion peeler

Growing onions is an essential part of many diets.

But many people have trouble finding bulbs that have enough nutrition.

One way to ensure your onions don’t overdo their nutritional value is to harvest them when they’re still green, without cutting them open.

Here’s how.

The key to the onion’s nutrition lies in the outer layer, which is called the stalks.

When onions ripen, the stamens become brittle, which makes them easy to damage.

So, to preserve the integrity of the stumps, they are sliced or cut open, so the onion peel can fall away.

The trick is to use a sharp knife to cut off the stumens in the middle of the onion, or if you don’t have one, you can peel them off with a vegetable peeler.

After removing the stmts, you’ll have a nice thick, crunchy onion.

But before you go, make sure you’re not leaving the stapled outer layer on the onion.

The outer layer contains minerals and nutrients that make the onion taste good.

And since you’re cutting off the outermost layer of stalks, you’re also removing the nutrient-rich stalks that are packed with nutrients.

The best part is that the stums aren’t really necessary for a healthy onion.

If you need them, there are plenty of other onion products that have added nutrients to the stummens, including onion chips, onion soup, onion slices and onion salad.