Onion booty campground: The Onion Valley is ‘bald and ugly’

The Onion River in Southern California is a popular camping spot in the Santa Barbara Mountains.

This year, however, there are no tents or campsites.

Instead, a campground is set up at the Onion Valley, an underground parking lot with a concrete slab underneath.

The Onion Campground is a free campground.

The Onion River has a very unique history, with a series of historic tunnels and a famous tunnel that connects it to the Pacific Ocean.

But, it has been mostly neglected since the 1930s.

The campground’s first owner, Charles A. “Clyde” Wirth, opened the campground in 1935 and was a prolific writer of fiction, poetry and short stories.

The campground has also served as a hub for local music and theater.

In 1959, Wirth’s son, Clyde Wirth Sr., opened the same campground and also was an avid writer.

After Wirth died in 1982, Clyde Jr. took over the business, but he and Clyde Jr.’s son, Charles Wirth Jr., kept the campgrounds running.

In 2004, the Wirth family sold the campsites to a new owner, Robert Rizzo.

He is building a new campground at the camp ground, with plans to renovate the old one.

The original structure will be removed.

“We’re hoping to open up the camp grounds, and I think that will be an amazing experience for all the people,” said Rizzi.