The Onion Movie Is Coming To Netflix And Amazon. It’s Not Going To Be An Onion Movie

In a recent interview with The Onion, Danny Boyle and David Fincher confirmed that they’re working on a new feature film called The Onion.

In it, Boyle and Finchers play the Onion Brothers, the brothers who take on the title role.

The brothers have been featured in the movie The Onion Christmas Carol, which was also directed by Finches brother, Peter Finchey.

The Onion’s new film is titled The Onion Family and it is scheduled to hit Netflix in 2018.

The film has been previously described as a “comedy-horror film,” but it is likely a satire of real life situations that might not be considered funny.

The new film, which will star the brothers, is described as follows: “Danny Boyle and Dave Fincheys The Onion film The Onion family are a group of young men who find themselves with a new lease on life.

One by one, they learn that their life has changed forever.

Their lives have changed dramatically in just one night.

In this one-hour comedy, they are given a choice, as they go from being part of a small circle of friends to being part, for the first time in their lives, of the whole world.”

Boyle and the Onion’s latest film is slated to be released on Netflix in 2019.

Netflix’s release date for The Onion is unknown, although the film is expected to hit in early 2019.

If you’re curious to know more about the film, you can check out a trailer below: