New Scientist: ‘Bacon’ is bacon, you can’t make a sandwich without bacon

We’ve all eaten bacon, of course, but we’re not sure it’s bacon that’s the key to a good sandwich.

Bacon, the star of the show, is one of the main ingredients in many classic sandwiches, and there are plenty of other good ingredients that go in with bacon as well, including onion and mushrooms.

But in the quest for better-quality, healthier foods, what’s good for the environment may not necessarily be good for us.

To get a better idea, let’s explore what the world’s top chefs have been cooking with bacon for years.1.

Cheese and buttercreams from a chicken breast2.

Bacon sandwiches from an egg3.

Bacon rolls from a slice of bacon4.

Bacon-wrapped chicken wings from a duck breast5.

Bacon soup from a bacon-flavored soup6.

Bacon fries from a french fry7.

Bacon crackers from a cracker9.

Bacon pita from a pita breadcrumb10.

Bacon strips from a bread slice11.

Bacon crumbles from a cookie12.

Bacon bacon crumbles13.

Bacon bread from a crumbcake14.

Bacon pizza from a pizza slice15.

Bacon ice cream from a whipped cream ice cream16.

Bacon cheesecake from a cheesecake17.

Bacon pancakes from pancakes18.

Bacon buns from a bun19.

Bacon sausage from a sausage patty20.

Bacon pickles from a pickle bag21.

Bacon popcorn from a popcorn bag22.

Bacon hash browns from hashbrowns23.

Bacon ketchup from a ketchup bottle24.

Bacon hot dogs from a hot dog bun25.

Bacon sausages from a sausage bag26.

Bacon onions from a onion bag27.

Bacon peppers from a pepper bag28.

Bacon lettuce from a lettuce bag29.

Bacon cheese from a cheese bag30.

Bacon fried potatoes from a fried potato bun31.

Bacon smoked salmon from a smoked salmon bag32.

Bacon ham from a ham bag33.

Bacon macaroni from a macaronie34.

Bacon french fries from fries35.

Bacon corn chips from a corn chip bag36.

Bacon chicken wings with ham and cheese37.

Bacon quesadillas with cheese38.

Bacon casseroles from a casserole bag39.

Bacon burgers from burgers40.

Bacon tortillas from a tortilla bag41.

Bacon cookies from cookies42.

Bacon biscuits from biscuits43.

Bacon jello from jello44.

Bacon candies from candies45.

Bacon fruit jams from fruits46.

Bacon pecan pie from pecan pies47.

Bacon chocolate chip cookies from chocolate chip bars48.

Bacon bananas from bananas49.

Bacon blueberry muffins from muffins50.

Bacon banana ice cream51.

Bacon applesauce from applesauces52.

Bacon apple pies from apple pies53.

Bacon cranberry sauce from cranberries54.

Bacon sweet potato fries from sweet potatoes55.

Bacon muffins with buttercream and cinnamon56.

Bacon cake from muffin pans57.

Bacon marshmallows with chocolate chip icing58.

Bacon pumpkin pie from pumpkin pies59.

Bacon brownies from brownies60.

Bacon caramel cookies from caramel cookies61.

Bacon peanut butter cups from peanut butter cup ice cream62.

Bacon maple syrup from maple syrup ice cream63.

Bacon oatmeal with coffee and maple syrup64.

Bacon chocolates with vanilla ice cream65.

Bacon crepes from crepes66.

Bacon yogurt with yogurt and cream67.

Bacon scones with brownies68.

Bacon baked goods from cookies69.

Bacon bagels from bagels70.

Bacon milkshakes with milk and honey71.

Bacon cinnamon rolls from cinnamon rolls72.

Bacon waffles with waffles73.

Bacon creamers from creamers74.

Bacon vanilla ice creams75.

Bacon whipped cream with whipped cream and cinnamon76.

Bacon cupcakes with cinnamon chips77.

Bacon coffee creamers78.

Bacon almond milkshake with vanilla milkshak79.

Bacon cereal bars80.

Bacon breakfast cereals81.

Bacon pretzels with whipped whey cream82.

Bacon egg sandwiches83.

Bacon mini muffins84.

Bacon doughnuts85.

Bacon eggs with butter, vanilla, and milk86.

Bacon turkey sandwich87.

Bacon salmon sandwich88.

Bacon fish tacos89.

Bacon paninis90.

Bacon tuna sandwiches91.

Bacon meatballs92.

Bacon deep-fried chicken sandwiches93.

Bacon pork chops94.

Bacon burritos95.

Bacon beef brisket sandwiches96.

Bacon steak sandwiches97.

Bacon ribs with bacon sauce98.

Bacon steaks with spicy barbecue sauce99.

Bacon BBQ ribs with garlic sauce100.

Bacon grilled cheese sandwiches101.

Bacon chili cheese sandwiches102.

Bacon roasted chicken sandwiches103.

Bacon blackened chicken sandwiches104.

Bacon brioche sandwiches105.

Bacon rib sandwiches106.

Bacon sandwich sandwiches107.

Bacon lasagna sandwiches108.

Bacon ravioli sandwiches109.

Bacon fettuccine parmesan

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