How to make a french fried onion

It was the second day of the annual Festival of French Fried Onion, which was held in France’s capital Paris in honour of its centenary.

The festival was also attended by thousands of locals, many of them in the city’s old town, and many of those who took part were there to celebrate the festival’s centenary, according to organisers.

“It’s always a great festival,” said Emmanuel Lefranco, a 26-year-old waiter who came from a small town near Paris.

“But the first day was the most amazing because it was full of food.

It was very, very hot.

There was a lot of food, but also, for the first time, there was French fried onions, which are so good.”

Lefrancom, who is French and lives in Paris, said the festival is often overshadowed by the food and drinks it features.

“We have all the good things of the French culture and of course the food, we just can’t do it without it,” he said.

“But there are so many other things happening that make it better.

It’s very special.”

The festival was one of several events held in Paris to mark the centenary of the festival, which has been held every year since 1968.

This year, the festival celebrated the centenaries of French culture, which includes culture, literature, art, theatre and music.

According to the organisers, this year’s festival included a dinner for 500 guests, featuring a French fried onion, an evening of French music, a parade, a show by an artist and a performance by a group of local artists.

The French fried eggplant and the French-fried onions were among the favourites of the crowd.

The festival, held in honour the French Revolution, is held every July, with the traditional “festival de l’enfant” – or “festive feasting” – taking place on July 10, the day the anniversary of the Paris Commune was declared on June 30.