Why you might want to eat onions instead of the usual hot dog and bun

I love onions, and I love making them myself.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love hot dogs and hot dogs, or bun-fried pork.

And I love the idea of dipping my onions in a sauce, but it’s a little hard to get the hot sauce to work on a bun, let alone a hot dog.

And when it comes to making your own sauce, there are a few things you need to know about onions.


They don’t work for bun frying onions.

The hot sauce used to make hot dogs is actually a mixture of onion and water.

That means it’s more water-based than hot sauce, which is why it can’t be used for bun-frying onions.

Instead, you need a water-free hot sauce that’s similar in flavour to onion, but without the heat.

The good news is that you can make a good water-filled sauce out of onion, too, if you know how.

The downside?

It’s a lot harder to find.


If you want a slightly more bitter taste, you can use an onion powder instead.

The reason you’d want to use onion powder for hot dogs?

It gives them a bit more flavour.

But the downside?

You need to buy a small quantity, or it’ll just be a bit bitter.

That’s not ideal.

The only other option is to use a mild onion powder, like apple cider vinegar, which has less heat.

If that’s not your cup of tea, you could try making your onion soup using a pinch of salt instead.


They’re very versatile.

For hot dogs or other bun-related things, you’ll find onion-y sauces for sandwiches, soups and sauces.

But there’s something special about onion-based sauces, too.

You can use them in a variety of ways, like dipping in a hot sauce for burgers, hot dogs for chicken and pork, and hot sauce in burgers and hotdogs for chicken.

You could also use them to make gravy.

Here are a couple of different ways you can combine them.


They can be used as a condiment.

As long as they’re made with onion, onions are great condiments.

They’ve been used for a number of years as a garnish in salads, in desserts and sauces, and even as a dipping sauce for fish and chips.


They have a rich history.

Some recipes for hot sauce use onions as the base for their sauce.

They were traditionally used to flavor hot foods like beef, pork, lamb and pork chops, but the French have long been using onion-rich sauces to make things like sauerkraut, sauerbier, and a variety more.

The fact that onions can be made into sauce is why the hot sauces of the French are still so popular.


They keep in the fridge.

You’re welcome, but they also keep in a fridge.

They may have a shelf life of up to a month or two, but onions can keep for up to five years.


They cook quickly.

While you can add onions to a sauce for dipping, they don’t have to be added immediately, and they’re not a time saver.

They’ll be in the hot-water bath for a few minutes, then they’ll melt into the sauce.

If they’ve been sitting in the boiling water for too long, you might have to add them.

The onions will also take a while to get a nice, crisp crust on your bun.


They taste great.

This isn’t just because of the onions’ flavour.

They give a nice crunchy flavour to a lot of foods, like potatoes and beef stew, and it adds an extra flavour to hot sauces like the ones you’ve been using in this article.

But they also help make onions perfect for soups.


They add a nice tang to hot foods.

If onions are your go-to condiment for hot food, then these onions are a fantastic way to add a bit of a flavour boost to your favourite hot dishes.