How to make an onion burger with walking onions

The world has a shortage of walking onions.

The shortage is so bad that, according to a survey conducted by The Onion and Bloomberg, only around 20 percent of the world’s population can claim to have the ability to walk on two legs.

This shortage of onions is especially problematic for the country of Turkey, where one in four people cannot walk on both legs.

But there’s hope for the onion farmer.

The Onion’s own Tomás Pérez, who also happens to be a vegan, recently made a vegetarian version of his beloved burger that can be enjoyed by those who are unable to walk.

The burger comes with the word “walkers” painted across the bun, and the word is spelled with an apostrophe to make it easier to pronounce.

“This is a recipe for a vegetarian burger,” Péz said in an interview.

“I’ve been eating vegetarian for two years now.

I wanted to make something that was more of a walker-friendly burger.

It was a little bit different.”

It’s easy to see why people would want to try this burger, especially when you consider that the burger itself is made of ground turkey.

This burger was inspired by a post on a popular Mexican food blog.

It also features a burger made from chicken, pork, and avocado.

“When we started working on this burger,” said Pézes father, “we thought that we wanted to do something more vegetarian.

We wanted to take a different approach and try something a little different.”

The burger has been on Pétz’s menu for several months now, and he said it’s been one of the most popular dishes he’s served in his restaurant.

The burgers are also served at his other restaurants.

The vegetarian version is also very popular in Turkey, so Péze’s hope is that it could eventually spread across the country.

The burger comes packaged in a brown, baggier wrapper, and it comes with a side of bread and mayonnaise.

It comes with lettuce and tomato, and comes with two sides of fries.

The restaurant is currently selling it for around $20 per person.