How to cook onions for fried or fried up brown or green onions

If you’ve ever had a fried onion or green onion in a curry dish, chances are you’ve been told that they need to be fried or boiled.

While this may be true, there are many other options, so we thought we’d write down some of the best options in our own cooking.

Here are our favourites for fried onions and green onions.1.

Green onions fried with onion, garlic, chilli, chili powder, ginger and cardamom.

This is a classic recipe, but if you’ve got a few extra ingredients and want to try something new, you can also add chilli flakes to the mix.2.

Curry onions fried in coconut oil, coconut milk, coriander, chili flakes and red chilli powder.

This one is super simple, and it can be made ahead.3.

Fried onions and greens cooked in coconut milk and coconut cream.

This recipe is perfect for making ahead or when you’re just feeling a bit lazy.4.

Fried onion and greens with a fried garlic sauce.

This will take you to another level and really enhance the flavour of the onions.5.

Fried or fried onions, garlic and chilli added to curry.

This can also be served with curry powder.6.

Fried green onions with curry and onion powder.

You can also make this with other spices and herbs.7.

Fried red onions with chilli and garlic.

This is a traditional dish that we can’t get enough of.

It is also perfect for a quick snack or snack when you don’t feel like cooking for breakfast.8.

Fried spinach with coconut cream and coconut oil.

This recipe is a great way to use up a little extra spinach and add a dash of sweetness to the dish.

It can also also be cooked ahead for a quicker snack.9.

Green onion fried in curry powder and coconut milk.

This one is a little on the simple side, but it’s also super easy to make.

You only need to have a few ingredients and some ingredients like green onion, curry powder, chillies and ginger will do.10.

Fried fried green onions and fried garlic.

This dish is perfect when you need a quick bite of green onion for lunch.11.

Fried garlic fried onions with spinach, coconut cream, coconut oil and red onion powder .

This recipe works great for breakfast or for lunch as well.12.

Green and red onions fried and sautéed in coconut cream or coconut milk with curry or chilli.

This version is very easy to follow and very tasty.13.

Fried chicken wings with coconut milk or coconut cream with chillies, curry or chili powder.

This dish is really popular, and is perfect to serve with rice.

It’s also a great meal for lunch or dinner.14.

Fried vegetables with curry paste, chillie powder, garlic powder, green onions, red onion, chillis and chillies.

This sauce is really great when you want to add a bit of flavour to your dish.15.

Green, red and white onions cooked in a coconut milk sauce or coconut oil with chillie, ginger, red chillies or chillis.

This easy dish is super versatile.

You could make this ahead for breakfast, lunch or supper and then you can make this for breakfast as well, and then dinner later on.16.

Green or red onions, curry, garlic sauce and chillie added to fried chicken wings.

This may not be as popular as the green onions fried or green or red onion fried wings, but they are a great addition to the fried chicken dish.17.

Fried and sauteed green or yellow onions, chillice and garlic added to hot or spicy chili sauces.

This would be great on a salad or for a light soup.18.

Fried, sauteeed and sauted green or orange onions, sautéeed green chili powder added to chili sauce.

This can be used for stir-fry or for serving over rice or a light salad.19.

Fried greens with coconut or other cooking oil added to the salad dressing.

This gives you that extra kick you need.20.

Green green onion fried and sesame oil or coconut or olive oil added in the chili sauce, with curry, chillichicks and ginger.

This could be a great dish for lunch, dinner or even breakfast.21.

Fried sautees of green onions or green chillies added to green salad dressing with chillis, chilliy powder, salt, pepper and garlic powder.22.

Green curry or green green onion saute with chillichick or red chilliwack added to salad dressing and stir fried or sauteéed with red onion and garlic or green chilies.23.

Fried vegetable saute, green onion and chillidge added to a hot salad dressing, stir-fried with chilliwacks and ginger, with chillice or chilliy added in.24.

Fried potato or vegetable