How the French Onion Router Became the World’s First Onion Router

The French Onion router was first created in 1851 by the French inventor Jean Pierre-François Dupuy, which means “the one that sticks out”.

This simple yet elegant router can make it a reality.

Here are the basics of the device. 

The French Onion Ripper is designed to take advantage of the fact that you can actually see the onion through a thin sheet of foil and that it does so at a high resolution.

The device was created to take the heat out of the cooking process and reduce cooking time, which is why it’s referred to as a “hot-plate onion”.

It also comes with an infrared sensor that allows for precise temperature control. 

You can buy the French onion router for $199.99 on

The French onion is a pretty popular ingredient in French cooking, and is commonly used in many dishes.

There are plenty of recipes for it, but this recipe is especially popular in French dishes.

Here’s how you can make a good version of it: