How to be an awesome parent to your kid

Parents need to “get it together” to get their kids off the drugs, according to a new study. 

This study from Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society found that parenting isn’t easy and often isn’t even about how to help your kid get off the drug. 

In the study, researchers looked at parents who were “adults with children in the homes of other adults,” and compared them to parents who weren’t in a drug-addicted relationship. 

Researchers found that while most of the parents in these couples didn’t abuse substances, most parents who had kids were also “addicted” to drugs. 

The study concluded that parents who are addicted to drugs should consider getting off the “bad” ones first. 

“The research demonstrates that parents’ experience with drug use is very different from those who use the drug as a means to an end,” the researchers wrote in the study.

“Parenting is a challenging and emotionally charged activity, but the importance of being able to help one’s child achieve independence, growth and well-being can often be overlooked.”

The study was published in the journal Social Science & Medicine. 

Source: Buzzfeed